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Browse the ice cream truck and other vendors listed in California so you can find one that sells in your area. You can contact an ice cream vendor by clicking on the envelope and filling out a form, or if available, going to their web site, facebook page or Twitter. Usually the distance an ice cream truck will travel depends on the size of the event.
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Vendors in California
Company Selling Location Information
If you are one of the California vendors listed and would like to change your information or verify the email address please send email to
Archie's Ice Cream Orange County [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] 
Aunt LaLi's Treats San Francisco Bay Area [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] [twitter] 
Blue Chip Foodsystems, Inc Long Beach [Contact Vendor] 
Cool Cycles Ice Cream Co. San Diego [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Cowbell Carts Orange County, CA/Southern California [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] 
Creative Ice Cream and Food Special Events Southern Area [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Cruisin Creams San Jose Area [Contact Vendor] [facebook] 
Dippin' Dots Ice Cream San Diego [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Event Specialists Southern California [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Fairedith Ice Cream San Diego County [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Frosty's Wholesale Ice Cream Sun Valley [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
GCO Ice Cream Hemet [Contact Vendor] 
Golden State Ice Cream, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] 
Goody Goody's Ventura [Contact Vendor] 
Happy Ice Cream Exeter [Contact Vendor] 
Ice Cream Man Long Beach [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Just Chilln' Ice Cream Truck Orange County [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] 
Kona Ice San Diego North County [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Leal's Ice Cream Salinas [Contact Vendor] 
Mandi's Candies & Ice Cream Huntington Beach [Contact Vendor] [facebook] [twitter] 
Mr Happy's Ice Cream Central Valley [Contact Vendor] 
Mustache Mike's Italian Ice Orange County [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Mustache Mike's Italian Ice San Francisco Bay Area [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] [twitter] 
NEU Flavor Ice Cream San Diego [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
nm ice cream Sacramento [Contact Vendor] 
One Hour Parties Various Locations [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
Renee's Ice Cream Manteca [Contact Vendor] 
Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos SF Bay Area [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] [twitter] 
Rose's All American Ice Cream Citrus Heights [Contact Vendor] 
Scooter Ice Cream Sacramento [Contact Vendor] 
SD Italian Ice Co. San Diego County [Contact Vendor] [facebook] 
Sticky Fingers Ice Cream & Candy Oxnard [Contact Vendor] 
Sweet Treats San Diego County [Contact Vendor] [WWW] 
The Box Ice Cream Truck Orange, LA, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino [Contact Vendor] [WWW] [facebook] 

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